Senate Bill 7 - Will establish the secure, modern registration act (SMART Act). 
SB 7 will encourage participation in our elections by automatically registering to vote those eligible who have a transaction with the NH Department of Motor Vehicles.  
Senate Bill 67 - Relative to the definition of resident and residency. 
SB 67 defines that if you live in New Hampshire, you can vote in New Hampshire.  
Senate Bill 157 - making undeclared voters eligible to be inspectors.
SB 157 will make sure that inspectors of election appointed by selectmen will have equal numbers of Democrats, Republicans, and undeclared voters. 
Senate Bill 174proclaiming an annual observance of Juneteenth.
Senate Bill 241 - relative to funding for the project development phase of the capitol corridor rail project.
SB 241 allows the Department of Transportation to access federal funds to complete the next phase of the Capitol Corridor Rail Project.