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Telegraph LTE: We can trust Melanie Levesque

Suzanne Paquin of Nashua just wrote to The Telegraph about Melanie's long career of service to the community she has called home since childhood. From parent to small business owner to State Representative and Senator, she has consistently fought for the future Granite Staters deserve:

When it comes to the 2022 mid-term elections, it’s hard to figure out who to trust. We have less time and local media outlets are dwindling, while millions of dollars flood our state to fund out-of-state players and national agendas.
Melanie Levesque is a resolute public servant who’s worked long and hard to earn our trust. Raised in Nashua, she attended local schools and founded a small business. Before entering politics, she served on local and state non-profits, gaining expertise and meeting other public servants.
Melanie is a three-term state representative and one-term state senator. I especially admire Melanie’s consistency, integrity, and perseverance. If she loses an election, she doesn’t stop. The next day she is back in the community, fighting for causes she believes in including voter rights, strong public schools, funding for opioid treatment and prevention, and an economy that works for everyone.
I see her in the community supporting students and teachers, public health advocates, renewable energy, voter education, women’s health, and more. She knows that listening is part of leading. No issue is too arcane or lacking in glamor and glitz. During this election, Melanie faced an unprecedented barrage of attack ads and misinformation – much of it fueled and funded by out-of-state interests. Readers who don’t know Melanie can get the facts from her website.
Melanie represents Senate District 12: Nashua Wards 1, 2, and 5 plus Rindge, Brookline, Greenville, Hollis, Mason, and New Ipswich. Plan to vote on November 8. Know your polling location. Bring a friend or neighbor with you. Together we can restore common-sense, well-informed, community-focused leadership to the New Hampshire Senate.
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