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Get the Facts

On Democracy

Melanie believes that every eligible voter has a right to participate in our democracy and cast a ballot. She previously chaired the Senate Election Law Committee - championing voting rights, safe & secure elections, and advocating for the modernization of New Hampshire's voting systems. 

She hopes to build on those achievements as New Hampshire's next Secretary of State.


On an Income Tax

Melanie has never supported any legislation that seeks to impose an income tax on Granite Staters. As State Senator she supported legislation that provided Paid Family and Medical Leave to working families in New Hampshire. That policy is NOT a tax. What it does is it allows employees to take time off from work in order to take care of a sick family member or spend time with their newborn.


On four separate occasions, Melanie’s colleagues in the GOP attempted to replace Paid Family Medical Leave by gutting appropriations for this important program - (HB2 Votes 195, 197, 199, 200). Additionally, she has been wrongly accused her of supporting CACR 1 - “Providing that an income tax on earned personal income shall be prohibited.” She was not even in office when that legislation was proposed.


Melanie will continue to support family-first policies that improve the lives of Granite Staters and their families.


On a "Gas Tax"

Back in 2013, 15 GOP lawmakers and a majority of Democrats within the New Hampshire State Legislature worked together to pass HB 617 in the House. The bill was designed to:

  • Increase the rate of the road toll

  • Establish the New Hampshire state and municipal road and bridge account

  • Establish the commission to study revenue alternatives to the road toll. 

This legislation was NOT a "Gas Tax" as some have wrongfully declared. 

Instead, the bill - which is now law - helps the state assess the most efficient way to fund our roads, highways, and much of our general infrastructure. 

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