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“A lifelong public servant and Nashua native, Levesque has gained a reputation for working hard for her constituents. We are excited to see Levesque tackle new challenges and continue to make real, positive change for all in New Hampshire's 12th

Senate District.”


Melanie is honored to receive the support of SIEU Local 1984. She is committed to improving conditions for working families and fighting for workers' rights.


"These movement champions are leaders on housing justice, climate action that centers on equity, inclusive fully-resourced public education, and so much more. We look forward to fighting alongside them for the change our communities need."


"Progressive Turnout Project endorsed candidates who know that protecting access to the ballot box is a key component to protecting our democracy. Our democracy is stronger when as many of our citizens participate in elections as possible and we look forward to working with all Progressive Turnout Project endorsed candidates to ensure that as many Granite Staters as possible exercise their right to vote and to ensure access to one of our most fundamental rights.”


"Thank you again for advocating for gun violence prevention

and making a commitment to govern with gun safety in mind."

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"The Sierra Club's New Hampshire Chapter Political Team, and New Hampshire Chapter are pleased to support your campaign in appreciation of your demonstrated commitment to protecting New Hampshire's environment."


Melanie is proud to receive the support of Save the Children. A strong advocate of early childhood education, Melanie will fight to ensure that every child in the Granite State receives a quality education.


Melanie is honored to receive the support of Carpenters' Local 349. She will always fight to improve conditions and wages for working Granite Staters.


"Planned Parenthood New Hampshire Action Fund PAC has endorsed candidates who have demonstrated that they will put the health and safety of New Hampshire’s women and families before politics, and will stand up and fight to expand and protect health care for all Granite State communities.”

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"In her two years holding the District 12 seat, she backed establishing a procedure for issuing extreme risk protection orders, repealing the statute of limitation on sexual assault lawsuits, increasing the state minimum wage, paid family leave, expanding gender discrimination protections, increasing absentee voting access, repealing the death penalty and establishing a student-debt relief program. To move the state forward on such key issues, we’d advocate returning Levesqueto the District 12 seat.


"The slate of candidates I endorsed today are proven advocates for Granite State women and families and will be relentless fighters for our communities. I look forward to supporting these candidates in the months to come and working with them to build a brighter future for all.”

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