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During my time as a State Senator, I served as the chair of the Senate’s Election Law Committee where I focused on ensuring that our elections remained secure and accurate and that every eligible voter could cast their ballot. I prioritized improvements that would make voting easier and more accessible for every Granite Stater.

It’s no secret to anyone who has tried to interact with the Secretary of State’s office that they are behind in implementing technology to make the office more user-friendly. Trying to submit forms or find information can be near impossible. Simple updates often require a trip to the office instead of just visiting the website to change the information. Even with a new website developed a few years ago, it fails to allow Granite Staters to easily access the documents or information they need.

A good example of this failure of vision in the Secretary of State’s office is the ballot counting devices that we use for our elections. This is the last election that our cities and towns will be able to use this device. In 2024, they will no longer work. We are just one month away from 2023 and the Secretary of State’s office has not approved a new ballot-counting device. There is no reason for the Secretary of State to have waited this long to test and find machines to use.

Currently, the Secretary of State’s office is sitting on over $10 million dollars in Help America Vote Act funds. These funds could be granted to cities and towns to allow for the purchase of these new machines.


As Secretary of State, I would work to modernize and digitize the office. We need to build transparency into the office and move it into the twenty-first century. It’s time to bring the office forward, cut red tape, and modernize systems to better serve Granite State businesses and voters. 

I would be honored to represent you as Secretary of State, and I humbly ask for your support.

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